Our cutters

Cutting freshly pressed product quickly and easily into correctly sized specimens is critical to the people who service our equipment. That’s why our cutters have patented elastic blades that allow to cut even very rustic pieces with different hardnesses without breaking the strips that are cut first and then the specimens.


Manual Cutter C-70

For companies with few presses (up to three units normally) our manual cutter Ditan-C-70 is suitable for frequent tests.                                                                        

  • Respect the reliefs.
  • Fast and efficient specimen cutting.




Automatic Cutter A-130  

For more presses, our Ditan A-130 automatic cutter is suitable for freeing press personnel from the task of performing a test. Simply place an entire press on the receiving tray of the cutter in the order indicated on the machine screen and choose the press number. From here the process of cutting and supplying the specimens to the machine is completely automatic, until the delivery of the test protocol by the printer. In the image you can see the automatic cutter working together with a densimeter.

They also:

  • Respect the reliefs.
  • Faster and more efficient specimen cutting.


                                                              Detail of Flexible Blades