Densimeter 3-60


  • Automatic measuring systems with compressed air that offer the same accuracy as the mercury method.
  • Our equipment calibrates automatically and with absolute independence from mercury.
  • They calculate the actual volume, regardless of the shape or size of the specimens (bevelled, rustic and reliefs are measured with the same accuracy).
  • Sophisticated thermal compensation ensures the same measurement accuracy despite temperature changes.
  • Highly professional mechanical systems, designed by German engineers, virtually maintenance-free.
  • Error ± 0.0045 g/cm3
  • Valves and pneumatic SMC and Festo.
  • Software integrated to industry 4.0, includes port-connection to laboratory database for improved results.
  • 10″ OMRON touch screen
  • Any type of printer can be adapted
  • Incorporates a third suction cup that makes multiple measurement 20% faster


  • Clean and dry compressed air is required working at a minimum pressure of 6 bar.
  • Electrical supply 220 V single-phase.
  • Lubricate (annually) work shafts
  • It is advisable to clean the measuring chamber daily with compressed air.